Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia

Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia


The customer was very disappointed by his latest negative experiences and he was looking for a provider who could understand his peculiar needs and could support his work with a suitable and turnkey solution.

Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia

Having a taxi company in a city unique in the world: Venice. There are no streets but channels, more or less accessible depending on tides. A ride dispatching system completely customised, because motorboats have double licences, both for taxi and for boats for hire.


Our solution

Get a dispatching system that complies with Venice peculiarities.
The project involved many aspects of Consorzio work. The App is connected to MT23 Blackbox via WiFi, in order to ensure a precise and reliable localisation and communication with the system.
Manage channels mobility based on tides.
A peculiar software has been designed and developed to manage and dispatch jobs.
Create a connection between taxi companies and one of the most important airports in Italy.
The "Service desks" in the airport communicate with an external table on the dock, allowing boats to get rides dispatched. Driver App has been customised and beside rides reception it can be used to edit required details for invoicing.
Design an appropriate hardware to work in a salty environment.
A salt-resistant taximeter has been produced with a repeater in the cabin of motorboat to show the price.


A tailor-made product for a customer working in the world’s most peculiar city .