Consorzio Cosepuri

Cosepuri – integrated management for Vehicles for Hire


Consorzio Cosepuri decided to rely on Microtek and its long-time experience in mobility branch in order to make the existing system more complete and qualified.

Consorzio Cosepuri.

A group of vehicles for hire needed a smart way to coordinate their management software and the dispatching system.


Our solution

Develop a system that allows an exchange of information between the dispatching unit and the existing managing software of the customer.
A rides dispatching system has been provided to the customer; the system implements a communication protocol with the managing software of the customer. Thanks to that, all relevant information, such as customer master data, pricing and all administrative aspects, can be managed outside our system.
Give drivers a complete on-board tool that allows them to edit and communicate to invoicing and managing software all necessary details.
A specific on-board App has been developed, that changes its configuration based on belonging to people or goods fleet. The App makes our system receive the jobs entered by the drivers, registering and sending all available details, such as localisation, time and pauses. It allows drivers to enter all necessary fields to invoicing.
Fleet position has to be shown.
App allows drivers to check fleet position on a map in real time; the same information is shared with call center operators on a web application specifically developed.


Thanks to a gradual process of integration, Cosepuri has succeeded in obtaining its goals year after year, and since then the service has steadily improved.